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Last update 18 Mar. 2005, Since 2005.
Toshihiro Kamiya


CCFinder is a tool for detecting code clones and has the following features:

CCFinder can be applied to huge source codes. From a source code with approximately a million lines, CCFinder can detect code clones within several minutes to several hours using a PC/AT compatible.
Applicability to various programming languages
By lexical analysis and transformation based on the syntax of the programming languages, CCFinder can extract code clones correctly from source files, even in cases where the names of variables have been changed. CCFinder can run for C/C++, Java, COBOL, Fortran, etc.
Designed as a command-line tool
In the early stages of the development of CCFinder, tools such as a converter for gnuplot, i.e. a converter from the output of CCFinder to a format for the input of a gnuplot, were used to display the distribution of detected code clones.


CCFinder is implemented in C++, and currently has binary executable files for Windows98/Me/2000/XP. A paper by [Kamiya2002] describes the algorithm of CCFinder, the experiments of using CCFinder to compare source codes of OS, and the explanation and application of clone metrics RAD and DFL.