Clofile Search: Origin Search Tool for Cloned OSS Fileset

Clofile Search is a web-service that takes as input a set of source files and reports OSS products including similar files to the submitted files. If you have source files that are likely reused from some OSS, you can search candidates of their original version.

Usage: Submit a zip file including source files to be analyzed. Due to our limited server resource, a zip file must be smaller than 1 MB.

Our OSS database includes C/C++ and Java source files in Debian GNU/Linux packages.

The server generates a HTML page for a result. The page will be visible to the Internet (although its URL is not easy to guess).

For example, "firefox-,iceweasel-" excludes Firefox-related packages from a search result.

You may use the following examples to try the service.

FilePackage-name FilterResult

external/libpng in Android 4.4.2_rc1


modules/zlib in Firefox 45.0



zlib 1.2.8


The service is a web application version of a source code search method described in our paper entitled "Source File Set Search for Clone-and-Own Reuse Analysis" presented in the 14th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR2017). Differently from the paper's description, this service internally uses a relational database to keep a list of file names in order to reduce memory usage.

If you have any questions or comments on the service, please send an email to ishio (at)

This work is supported by JSPS KAKENHI Nos.JP25220003, JP26280021, and JP15H02683.