We are currently developing a software archive system called SPARS(Software Product Archive, analysis and Retrieval System).

As you would imagine, many software engineers have been developed a large volume of program codes for more than 30 years. Very similar codes might have been independently developed at various places in the world or various situations in the history, without knowing other developers activities.

There are a lot of technologies proposed for efficient reuse of program codes and components, but those technologies are scarcely used in current development environment.

SPARS contains a large collection of source codes of various software systems, and it provides a very powerful search engine for pieces of codes or software components.

The system includes the following.


Developers can obtain each component using SPARS. However, many related components are sometimes required for using single component. DACARA, a new extension for SPARS/R, provides a set of ready-to-reuse components at once.


DACARA provides multiple sets of components which have consistent interfaces. Users of DACARA choose one from the sets according to their preference.


Our demonstration website has been closed.


The old SPARS (SPARS-J):

Technical Report

See our publications for the detail.

This project was supported by ACT-JST (Research and Development for Applying Advanced Computational Science and Technology) since November 2001 to Novermber 30, 2004.

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